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X-Ray leaded glass is a radiation shielding glass that contains a high content of heavy metallic oxides. Most notably the lead oxide (PbO) provides the protective qualities against X-rays and Y-rays for use in the medical and technical fields. Despite the high metallic oxide content, Radiation Shielding Glass features high optical transmission, making it a perfect fit for view windows for X-ray rooms.


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Features: Applications:
  • Protection from X-rays and Y-rays
  • Good optical transmission
  • Control windows for X-ray rooms
  • Protection windows in materials testing houses baggage control units, and laboratories

Physical Properties:

  • Optical Transmission in Visible Spectrum: 86-88%


  • Thicknesses: 8 mm
  • Sizes: Up to 31” x 29” (787.4 x 736.6mm)
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