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Anti-glare glass breaks up incident light reflected images, allowing the user to focus on the display image versus the reflected images. Unlike anti-reflective (AR) coated or untreated surfaces, anti-glare etched glass does not become highly reflective as a result of oily fingerprints.


Abrisa Technologies anti-glare glass is manufactured by a controlled acid etch process yielding uniform diffused surfaces for anti-glare, high resolution, anti-Newton ring applications.


Varying levels of diffusion specified as gloss yield different levels of reduced glare. A lower gloss reading denotes a more diffuse panel. The more diffuse the panel surface, the more glare reduction it provides. However, an inverse relationship exists between the degree of diffusion and the panel’s resolution.


Anti-glare glass can be laminated, tempered or chemically strengthened. Sizes, thicknesses and gloss levels as listed are typically in stock and can be readily shaped to your specifications.


Custom thickness, sizes and gloss ranges from 50° to 120° are available upon request.



  • Glare Reduction
  • High Resolution
  • Superior Durability
  • Anti-Newton Ring


Typical Applications:

  • Monitor Face Plates
  • Electronic Displays
  • Medical Instruments
  • Video Game Screens
  • Touch Panels
  • LED Displays
  • Outdoor Electronic Monitors & Systems


Dimensions of Standard Products:

  • Gloss: 60 – 130 (US Gloss, measured at 60° by a BYK Gardner Glossmeter model 4501)
  • Thickness: 0.7mm – 4.75mm
  • Sheet Size: Up to 62” x 39” (1574.8 x 990.6”)


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