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Abrisa Technologies can provide a broad selection of SCHOTT Borofloat®, borosilicate glass for a wide array of applications. The main components of borosilicate glass are silica and boron oxide which provide for a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, making the glass more resistant to thermal shock than other standard glass substrates. Additionally, borosilicate glass is resistant to chemical corrosion making it suitable for laboratory use.

Abrisa Technologies can provide the following borosilicate options:

  • SCHOTT Borofloat®33 – Multi-Functional Float Glass – versatile, with excellent light transmission, thermal properties and chemical resistance. (Thickness availability from 0.7mm to 25.4mm and sizes up to 90″ x 67″)
  • SCHOTT Supremax® Rolled Borofloat® – low thermal expansion, high chemical durability, good optical propertied, low density and large thickness range. (Thicknesses from 26.6 mm to 66.7 mm and sizes up to 90″ x 67″)
  • SCHOTT D263 Colorless Thin Glass – is a borosilicate glass with a low alkali content. Has extremely flat surfaces, is a good substrate for coatings, has an excellent transmission over a large spectrum, is highly chemical resistant, and a smooth fire polished surface. (Thicknesses from 0.030 mm to 1.1 mm and sizes up to 17″ x 14″)
  • SCHOTT Duran® Tubed Lab Glass – is a general borosilicate glass with high resistance to chemicals and heat making it ideal for laboratory glassware.
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