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IR Filters (Covert, Semi-Covert, Blackeye)
Typically used with infra-red cameras, scopes, and night vision goggles for surveillance, these filters enable infrared energy to be emitted from a variety of light sources while blocking visible energy, avoiding detection by the unaided eye.



Substrate: Any glass substrate
Thickness: 1.1mm, 1.75mm, and 3.3mm
Size: Up to 24″ in diameter


Covert Filter
This covert filter design blocks energy with wavelengths shorter than 825nm.
Covert Filter chart


Semi-Covert Filter
This semi-covert filter design transmits more of the near infrared energy. These filters are used with imaging systems requiring greater sensitivity to wavelengths 800-900nm.
Semi Covert Filter Chart


Blackeye Filter
This unique filter consists of a two piece optically coated substrate designed to block the visible output of a light source from as close as 3 feet. Transmittance is ≤1.0% average from 400 to 890 nm and ≥65% average from 950 to 2500nm. Reflectance is ≤5.0% average from 400 to 700 nm. It is ideally suited for use with night vision equipment or CCD cameras for short or long range surveillance applications.
Blackeye Filter chart


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