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  • Custom Design and Engineering
  • Full team of experienced design and manufacturing engineers collaborate to optimize a design for your custom application.
  • Design team utilizes a well calibrated computer model that is constantly updated to ensure accuracy of designs.
  • Custom coatings designed and produced include thousands of prior designs for a wide variety of applications.
  • Extensive history producing coatings for special durability requirements including commercial and military grade specifications.

Coating Chamber

  • Coating Chambers
  • Depositions are produced in a series of custom designed coating chambers.
  • Chamber sizes range from 24″ up to 72″diameter.
  • Coatings are precisely controlled using a combination of optical and crystal quartz monitoring techniques.
  • Ion-assisted deposition (IAD) is a key component in producing durable coatings. IAD allows high quality coatings to be manufactured in each of ZC&R’s 36″, 48″, 64″, and 73″ coating chambers.
  • Using four 24″ and 27″ diameter substrates in each of our larger coating chambers creates a competitive advantage for our customers. Large area substrates and higher quantity work are handled efficiently. Tooling is also available for substrates up to 29″ in diameter.

Small Coating ChamberLarge Coating Chamber

  • Substrate Size and Shape Specifications
  • Small sizes – down to 0.1″
  • Large sizes – standard sizes up to 27″ in diameter and custom sizes up to 36″ in diameter
  • Thin substrates – as thin as 70 microns
  • Thick substrates – up to 6″ in thickness
  • Lenses, flats, blocks, wedges, and fibers
  • Measurement and Inspection
  • QC Inspection

  • Spectrophotometers – can measure200nm up to 20µm wavelength in transmission and reflection.
  • Four-point probes – measures sheet resistance for transparent conductive and metal coatings.
  • Temperature/humidity chamber – environmental testing per MIL-C-675C and similar specifications.
  • QC Inspection

  • Colorimetry – precision measurement via spectrophotometer for chromaticity/brightness and color temperature.
  • Laser power – laser-damage threshold via national laboratories and commercial testing facilities.
  • Abrasion and adhesion – performed per MIL-PRF-13830B and ISO Specifications.
  • Inspection

  • Salt solubility and salt spray fog – performed per MIL-C-14806A and similar specifications.
  • Dust and fungus – performed per MIL-C-14806A.
  • Patterning – ZC&R takes advantage of a variety of techniques when producing patterned coating including shadow masking, photolithography, and printing. Each technique provides a set of cost and performance advantages.
  • Shadow Masking – ZC&R works with multiple precision mask fabricators to create custom shadow masks. These masks are interposed between the coating and the substrates during deposition. The shadow mask is used to block coating in areas of the substrate that should be left uncoated. Shadow masking is a lower cost technique that provides for feature size as well as small size features down to 0.020″.
  • SpectroRoom_02b

  • Photolithography – High precision patterning can be achieved using photoresist and lift-off or etching. Feature sizes from 5µm to 20µm can be achieved depending on the coating type required.
  • Printed Etching – Printed etchants are typically used to selectively remove coating to expose conductive layers for electrical contact. A suite of printing systems are used to achieve feature sizes as fine as 0.025″. Printed etchants can also be used to remove all coated layers in a pattern with a finer resolution of 0.010″.

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