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Semi-Transparent Mirrors for Visually Dynamic Hospitality Displays

An emerging trend in hotel, restaurant, and retail displays is the use of aesthetically pleasing high performance Semi-Transparent Mirrors to create a visually dynamic display/mirror combination. The display unit is located behind the mirror, hidden from view until powered on, when the image appears clear, sharp and color neutral.


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Typical Applications

  • Semi-Transparent Displays
  • Semi-Mirrored Partition Walls
  • Active Automotive Mirrors
  • Interrogation Room Windows (“One-Way” & “Two-Way” Mirrors)
  • Mirrored Cover Glass for Hidden Surveillance Equipment
  • Architectural Accents and Partition Walls

Selecting Your Semi-Transparent Mirror

Abrisa Technologies offers a number of options catering to this new display arena:


selecting your semi transparent mirror


Application specific factors determine the right product choice. These include ambient lighting levels relative to display brightness, the need to temper the glass for safety purposes, whether the mirror is to be bonded to a display surface and whether the images to be displayed are highly pixelated or not.


For example:


  • 1-side coating recommended for optical bonding or lamination, helps reduce image ghosting
  • 2-sided coating has thinner layers and can therefore be tempered more readily
  • Use 35/65 for high ambient lighting; 50/50 for medium and 65/35 for low
  • Single-sided 50/50 on low iron provides great optical performance at an entry level price
  • Select 2-sided 50/50 if “safety glass” performance is required from a non-laminate glass

The mirror coating can be applied to low iron soda lime glass for very low absorption. Alternatively, grey glass can be specified as a substrate when a more opaque look is needed, such as when hiding TVs and surveillance equipment.


  • 2-sided grey glass (50/20) offers superior ambient light blocking, ideal for when display is in the “off” state to hide the mechanics of the display/equipment that may otherwise be partially visible through the glass.
  • Uses same coating configuration as for 2-sided Semi-Transparent Mirror 65/35 on low iron.

Spectral Performance

All Semi-Transparent Mirrors supplied by Abrisa Technologies have an elegant silver reflection that remains stable under wide viewing angles. With superior color neutral performance across the visible spectrum the optical coating has limited effect on the true color of the display image.


In addition to true color transparency in transmission, the highly durable and proprietary dielectric coating provides improved scratch resistance, and allows the mirror to be used in outdoor applications. The robust coating allows for easy and regular cleaning with standard, commercially available glass cleaners.


50/50 Semi-Transparent Mirror


R/T curve is a representation, actual curve may vary. However, overall performance of the product will remain within guaranteed specification ranges at all time.


Sheet Size, Thickness and Custom Features

  • Large sheet sizes (up to 126” x 88”) are ideal for a wide array of digital signage applications and other large format mirrors and displays.
  • Standard substrate thicknesses are 4mm and 6mm.
  • OEM custom thicknesses may be also requested.

Large and small format Semi-Transparent Mirrors from Abrisa Technologies can be screen printed, have a broad selection of high quality edge treatments applied, be machined to any shape as well as have a host of other finish options applied to fit each unique application requirement.


To find out more about Abrisa Technologies’ Semi-Transparent Mirror options, please contact us at: (877) 622-7472 or E-Mail us at:


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