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ClearView™ Theater Projection Port Glass Windows


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Projection Port Glass Provides Eye Popping Optical Clarity for on-Screen Viewing

ClearView™ Theater Projection Port Glass Windows 1Advanced optical technology for projection port windows became a ne-cessity with the introduction of digital projectors. Port windows can be found in IMAX Theaters, digital cinemas, 3D projection technology, en-tertainment centers, home theaters, and even museum settings. The purpose of projection port windows is to allow light, contrast, and color to optimally project to the viewing screen. Regular glass absorbs colors and brightness of projected light, dulling the viewed image seen on the screen, creating image quality that can be quite poor.


ClearView™ Theater Projection Port Glass Windows 2Abrisa Technologies’ ClearView™ projection port window glass is fabri-cated using an optically clear, colorless glass with a 2-sided, multi-layer broadband anti-reflective coating, increasing transmissivity thereby en-suring a high quality, bright and sharp screen image. Transmission rate is between 98% and 99%. Optical performance is the key factor in selecting a projection port window and ClearView™ has the essential optical quali-ties for eye popping clarity on screen.


ClearView™ Theater Projection Port Glass Windows 3In addition to the AR coating, a hydrophobic coating can be applied to the port glass as well, making cleaning the view port with a non-abrasive cloth quick and easy. Efficiency of the glass is not compromised from the hydrophobic coating, while oil and dirt’s effects upon the light transmission and reflection is minimized.


Projection Port Windows are available in the following thicknesses:


  • 3mm or 1/8”
  • 6mm or 15/64”
  • 10mm or 25/64”
  • 12mm or 15/32”


Custom sizes available with dimensions as large as 120” x 82” consult factory for more information at:


Typical industry cosmetic specifications and tolerances will be applied when length, width, and thickness requirements are supplied. Quotes are generally turned around within 24-48 hours and shipping is typically within 5 business days or less of order acknowledgement.


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