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In addition to our High Ion-Exchange (HIE™) Chemically Strengthened Thin Glass, Soda-Lime Glass, Borosilicate Glass, and Glass/Ceramic product offerings, Abrisa Technologies also can provide a selection of specialty glass products that can be custom fabricated to meet your application specific requirements.


Abrisa Technologies has available the following specialty glass options:


  • Ultra-Thin SCHOTT AS 87 eco Aluminosilicate Glass – Schott AS 87 eco is an ultra-thin aluminosilicate glass with extremely high levels of bending and impact strength and superior scratch resistance. It is an excellent choice for use as cover or enhancement glass on low profile displays, touch sensors and other applications where thickness and weight are a concern.
  • Low Reflection & Non Glare Glass – Abrisa Technologies offers an expanded range of standard stock non-glare (NG), anti-reflection (AR) and anti-reflection coated non-glare (NG/AR) glass and custom solutions, ready to be fabricated to your exact specifications. The display designer and integrator now have 3 options from which to choose to best suit their needs for reduced reflection and glare, throughput efficiency for display brightness, and for maintaining image quality.
  • AGC EN-A1 Alkali Free Boro-Aluminosilicate Glass – Abrisa Technologies offers Asahi Glass Corporation (AGC) EN-A 1 material, a highly transmissive, alkali-free thin boro-aluminosilicate glass that is ideal for highly sensitive bio-photo detection applications, high through­put sensor applications and as enhancement glass for thin displays and cover glass for micro arrays.
  • “Dynamic” Deadfront Interface Panel Glass – “Dynamic“ Deadfront panels are often used by equipment designers to create a sleek and uncluttered appearance for user interface panels, drawing attention to the “hidden” light up indicators only as required. When backlit, panel features, icons or other alpha-numeric indicators are visible and when unlit, a monochromatic streamlined look is achieved.
  • Semi-Transparent Mirrors for Visually Dynamic Hospitality Displays – An emerging trend in hotel, restaurant, and retail displays is the use of aesthetically pleasing high performance Semi-Transparent Mirrors to create a visually dynamic display/mirror combination.
  • Corning® Eagle XG® LCD Glass Free of Heavy Metals – environmentally friendly glass with a high surface quality, excellent thermal properties, low density and highly resistant to chemicals.
  • Laminated Glass – safety Glass
  • SCHOTT SuperWhite B270® Flat Glass – an ultra clear crown glass that has a high transmission and excellent surface quality.
  • Weld Shield – a leaded glass
  • White Flashed Opal – scratch resistant, non-deforming, and non-combustible.
  • X-Ray Glass – radiation shielding glass that contains a high content of metal oxides
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