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Abrisa Technologies’ in-house semiconductor industry expertise, clean room facilities, and advanced thin film engineering ensure that our optical coating designs and process controls support the market need for high production throughput, 24/7 reliability, and product consistency. Abrisa Technologies thin film coatings can be applied to glass, silicon and fused silica wafers used to make LCoS, CMOS, LC, and other opto-electronic devices in support of reflection, transparent conductivity, thermal control, spectral selectivity, and high optical throughput or blockage needs.


Product Offering:

Transparent Electrodes:

  • Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) & indexed matched (IMITO)


Thermal Environmental Control:

  • ITO heater elements
  • Heat deflecting coatings (hot mirror)
  • UV & solar blocking coatings


Spectral Selectivity:

  • Filter coatings (UV-mid IR)


Zonal Selectivity:

  • Shadow & other masking service available upon request


High Throughput:

  • V-Coat & BBAR anti-reflective coatings (UV-mid IR)


Reflection and Electrical Conductivity:

  • Precious metal coatings (Ag, Au, Al)
  • Bus Bars (silver epoxy, Cr/Ni/Au, silver frit, ultrasonic wire welded)



  • Low/no alkaline (sheet or wafer) – Eagle XG, AF 32, D263
  • Thin (<0.5mm) - AF 32, D 263, Eagle XG
  • UV transmitting, low expansion (wafer) – fused silica
  • Glass – soda lime, borosilicate
  • Customer supplied silicon wafers



  • Oleophobic & extreme abrasion resistant coatings
  • Chemically strengthened & HIE aluminosilicate materials


For more information about our product & service offerings for semicon & micro-electronics applications, please contact us at:
(877) 622-7472

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