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Patterning of ITO and IMITO
for heated or EMI shielded display glass

ZC&R Coatings for Optics And Abrisa Industrial Glass partnered up in February of 2008 to produce a better glass ITO solution. The initial information regarding this is available at Photonics Online.


Many companies are finding that they have tighter project budgets as technology improves and newer innovative devices reduce the costs of operation, which is why our fully automated printing system used in this process is so important. The printing system allows for a lower project cost while offering a 15 µm print to print accuracy and maintaining a print area of up to 460mm x 460mm. The use of this printing system adds the repeatability that many ITO applications require at a lower cost. The printing process is performed in a class 100 clean room so that the coating integrity is maintained.


This process developed for glass ito is capable of supporting multiple solutions for coating needs. One solution that benefits greatly from this new process is Etch ITO and IMITO. The low cost of the process allows for greater flexibility in design and patterned coatings. The efficiency of this process also reduces cost, which is especially notable in etch of index matching layers in EMI shielding applications, and in etch of ITO in heater applications which is more cost effective than the standard 2-step deposition processes.


This process also features patterning of epoxy based electrical contacts. Standard linear bus bars are effectively applied through this process as well as custom shaped bus bars. Ink based frames and other OEM art work also benefit from this process. Thermoset or ceramic-based inks can be applied efficiently at a low cost.


These glass ito solutions used for many different applications often require high quality and high-volume. ZC&R and Abrisa have made these applications cost-effective while maintaining high cleanliness standards in a class 100 clean room, and preparing materials in a class 1000 clean room.


To learn more about this and other coated glass application solutions call 800.426.2864 or email us.


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