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Some ways to improve the
performance of an EMI Shielding Window.

Once you’ve determined what kind of EMI shielding window is appropriate for an application, you then have to take into consideration any modifications that may be needed for implementation. One environmental concern that may cause the application to perform inadequately is use outdoors during peak daylight hours. In this situation you have an abundance of ambient light which is likely to reflect off an EMI shielding window to some degree and overpower the light emanating from the display behind the window. This particular window may function as intended for the given application while located in a more controlled environment, but changing the conditions in which the window is used risks changing its performance.


There are many situations where an EMI shielding window may need contrast enhancement. Varying conditions often require different solutions. Several regularly used solutions are; anti-reflection coatings, matte finishes, optical color transmission filters or special laminates such as polarizers. Anti-reflection coatings drastically reduce the amount of light reflected off the window, and allow it to pass through. This can reduce the amount of glare, and increase the readability of the display. Other solutions, such as matte finishes or circular polarizers can be used with varying results.


One concern that may arise with an EMI shielding window is the need to clean it on a regular basis and how that potentially abrasive cleaning process might affect the window. An ideal cleaning process would be one that does not leave residue that might interfere with the windows performance. When using a cleaning process like this for an extended period of time the window may start to degrade from the abrasiveness of the cleaning process. This is more noticeable in situations where an optical coating is used on the viewer side of the window. In this case it may become necessary to use an abrasion resistant coating that would help protect the EMI shielding window from damage while allowing the window to be cleaned and maintained. ZC&R’s LuxVu IMITO films include ion-assisted scratch resistant surfaces for high durability requirements.


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